At the Ilha de Toque Toque we want to offer a unique experience to all visitors. To understand what to expect of this experience, we summarize the concepts that guide our philosophy:

Romantismo | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


The entire infrastructure is prepared to receive couples. All rooms have their own private spa, or hot tub or pool and some units have a sauna. TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2015 elected the hotel among the 25 most romantic of Brazil.

Estilo Rústico Chique | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


Our architecture and landscaping were first planned striving for sustainability. We reused everything that was existing at the old ranch and we only use environmentally friendly and recycled materials. We do not offer luxury in the literal sense of the word, but comfort with luxury and personalized service. We understand that luxury is the diverse experience from urban centers.

Simplicidade | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


We offer style without pretension, a deep contact with nature, cherish the hospitality, the service, but always informally, flexibly and without ostentation.

Praia e Montanha | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


We are located on a hilltop with amazing views of the sea and surroundings. In less warm months, we compare to hotels in the mountains, offering comfort, rooms with fireplace, spa, gastronomy, heated Jacuzzi and a complete infrastructure that can be enjoyed in any climate. At the Toque Toque Grande beach, we have an exclusive beachfront service area.

Natureza | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


We are established amidst the native rainforest in a correct manner, without aggression to the environment and the landscape. The combination of rainforest and sea is unique in the world. Birds and all kinds of harmless wild animals visit us daily.

Tranquilidade | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


The place was handpicked to be isolated, without agitation or noises nearby except for the wind and the sea. Our area has two hectares, but only a few suites, which offers a peaceful environment and good vibes. Although not necessary, for those wishing to visit other parts of the county, the ideal is to drive in, or rent a car locally.

Exclusividade | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


Ilha de Toque Toque is unique in several respects. There is no other hotel in the North Coast with philosophy, structure or similar location. We have 20 thousand square meters amidst the atlantic forest, only a few units and a customised service. That is why when we invite you to stay with us we say: escape the usual!

Bem Estar | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


We value the welfare and comfort of our guests, so we offer body treatments service with various types of massages and bubble baths, queen size beds, bathrobes and bath products, fitness room, wet sauna and personalized service with highly trained staff to assist you in any situation.

gastronomia | Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel


It is part of memorable experience that we seek to offer. A balanced breakfast, with cakes and other homemade products, fruits, cereals and various breads. In the restaurant, which is exclusive to guests, we offer elaborate dishes to the most refined palates, but without neglecting the local touch, caiçara, homemade.